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  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
  • Bangkok Pattaya Thailand Groundhog Day
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    Sawasdee……Songkran Festival – Thai New Year



    Songkran Festival in THAILAND .

    Kao San Road in the morning - Songkran Festival

    In April , there is a famous festival –Songkran เทศกาลสงกรานต์  ,The festival celebrated on the day of the passage of the sun to Aries , the first sign of the Zodiac .Songkran festival is the Thai New Year .Most of Thai people will be back home to meet their family with a happiness .Thai people always have a lot of activities in Songkran Day . Songkran day start from 13 – 15  April in every year .  

    To bath the buddha images in Songkran FestivalAll North to South or West to East ,every area in Thailand will celebrate this festival , Songkran day ( วันสงกรานต์ ) is a national holiday that government give to everybody have a vacation and back home to joint with their family .In one year someone didn’t back home but this festival most of people come back home to see the family and joint with a lot of activities that depend on their local area . April in Thailand ,it’s the hottest weather in Thailand .So the popular activity is  throw the water together for release the heat of atmosphere . We throw with polite & smile to show the happiness day .Young Thai people always respect the older people so they will polite to pour a water that mix with perfume to the older ,this is a traditional of THAILAND .


    delivery throwing water on pick-up truck

    Today the young people will enjoy :-) to throw a water together ,you can see a lot of people ,not only Thai People but both of Thai and foreign joint this activities .Sometimes they carries a drum of water on truck  with their team and they drive around the city to throw a water to people on the road ,only this festival they aren’t angry but they understand this is the time of Songkran .They enjoy together .The other one activities that Thai People popular to do in Songkran Day  , they go to temple to perform religious practices , offer food to priest with respect  and devote a good things to the person in family who die ,normally we call “BOON”  . 


    happy on Songkran day

    All area in Thailand celebrate Songkran festival with happiness and enjoyment . At north ,Chiang Mai is the famous and popular province that Thai people and the visitor  like to joint a lot of activities at Chiangmai . Many young people will play a throwing water at around canal of Muang Chiangmai ,there is a big crowd  around the road .So there is a lot of traffic jam . If you would like to touch the local north traditional ,you can go to a temple . You can joint many activities there , respect pour a water with floating flower for bath to Buddha images , crate a small sand mountain ,chanting  for the good thing will come to your life .Chiang Mai is the one province that you have to visit ( Recommend Don’t Miss to visit Chiang Mai).   


    Buddha in Songkran festival At Bangkok the famous place to do songkran festival is SA-NAM-LUANG ( สนามหลวง ),Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) provide a lot of activities for people to joint for enjoy . If someone would like to throw a water by many styles ( by hand ,bowl ,small bin , water gun ,etc) , you can go to Tha Non Kaw San  near Sa-nam-luang too .Many foreign like to stay at Tha-non-kaw-san so big group of FA-RANG will joint with Songkran Festival here.All along of KAW SAN road you can find a lot of smile on faces , laugh with happiness .They play with water all 3 days . For Thai people usually go to “WAI-PRA- KAO-WAT” “ไหว้พระ 9 วัด “ is  pray and salute buddha images  at  9 temples in one day .This is a HIT activity of THAI people who joint with their family ,because they believe this is big Merit or “BOON” in their life that they can do in one day . 

    Do you Know which TEMPLE that  a target of “WAI PRA KAO WAT “ ? 

    ( next to more information )    …  




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    6 comments to Sawasdee……Songkran Festival – Thai New Year

    • […] of the sun to Aries , the first sign of the Zodiac .Songkran festival is the Thai New Year … …Travel More How To Save The World (Starting With Thailand)The idea works something like […]

    • […] Songkran Festival in THAILAND . In April , there is a famous festival Songkran ,The festival celebrated on the day of the passage of the sun to Aries , the first sign of the Zodiac .Songkran festival is the Thai New Year … …Travel More […]

    • […] ), While the hottest period in Thailand,we have a famous festival that we call “ Songkran” . Throw water Activitivities with polite manner […]

    • […] Welcome to Songkran Festival 2009 in Thailand again .This is a most popular festivals in Thailand that the enjoy activity in Summer .Songkran festival start from 13-15 April of every year .This year TAT will be promote travel Thailand for activate the local economy .You can choose to visit a lot of sightseeing around Thailand with a good price from budget trip to luxury trip.Most of Hotels provide a special campaign for tourists.We recommend you for the interesting place when you travel Thailand in Songkran Festival : […]

    • Marcia Snyder

      I was in Thailand in September 2007 and was in your country for two weeks. I appreciated learning your culture and custom while I was in Thailand. The people were very warming and hospitable. Thank you and hope to return again some time.

    • […] Songkran Festival is the Thai new year festival ,this is the old Thai family culture to celebrate the new New year by the moving sun to new Zodiac in the summer .Local activities in Songkran day as clean house,arrange a family party ,go to temple for feed monks , make a merit, pray for take good things life .One activity that we will not forget is water splash. In the morning ,we will prepare water mix with Thai fume and going to temple to bath image Buddha and old monk with high respect then we will take bath old parents and cousin and request bless for new year . After that we will throw the water to friends , family with a fun ,let’s joint water splash in Sonkran Festival. […]

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