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  • The Great Holy Relics Pagoda Nabhapolbhumisiri, Chiang mai, Thailand
  • Indian Vegetarian food in Pattaya Thailand || Thailand tour
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
  • Abandoned Condominium Pattaya, Thailand
  • Abandoned Condominium Pattaya, Thailand
  • Abandoned Condominium Pattaya, Thailand
  • Abandoned Condominium Pattaya, Thailand
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    Wat Bang Kung - UNSEEN Thailand วัดบางกุ้ง สมุทรสงคราม
    Big Sweet Corn @ Suwan Farm - THAILAND
    SunFlower Field
    Flower Pink Orchid
    The Cute Orchid - ช้างกระ - Rhynchostylis Gigantea - เอื้องต๊กโต

cute orchid - Flower
    Nice Pink Orchid - Flower
    The Sanctuary of Truth @ Thailand ปราสาทสัจธรรม พัทยา
    Inside Royal Pavillion
    Pla Dao - Star Fish - UnderWater World
    Bhutan Arts
    Banana Boat at Bang sean Beach
    Ho derve or Hor D'oeuvre (เมี่ยงคำ)

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    Learn to speak Thai language for name of 7 days

    Come back to learning Thai language again,today we will speak Monday to Sunday in Thai language .

    Normally we will separate in two parts : DAY : Thai language say “ WAN” , and the other word mean name of day .

    Start from

    • Monday : Thai language say “ WAN-CHAN:-)
    • Tuesday : Thai language say “ WAN-ANG-KARN
    • Wednesday : Thai language say “ WAN-PUT
    • Thursday : Thai language say “ WAN-PHA-LUE-HUT” 😀
    • Friday : Thai language say “ WAN-SOOK
    • Saturday : Thai language say “ WAN-SAO” 😉
    • Sunday : Thai language say “  WAN-AR-THIT

    Easy to learn Thai language , only practice everyday .You can do it . 😉

    Do you know how to call color in Thai Language ?

    See Here

    Have you ever tasted Somtum ?

    😀 Somtum is the one of top 5 well-known Thai dishes ,because Somtum is a unique taste and delicious food..Somtam is a top menu to service from small food shops to a luxury restaurants .

    Somtum or Thai papaya salad is an ordinary menu that easy to do within 5 minutes in a kitchen. It is an unique taste that mix papaya strip in a proper gravy salad as sour,salt,sweet,hot,and savory taste . Many people have a great appetite dishes when they listen “Somtum”.

    Somtum is a Thai wording that come from “Som” mean sour and “Tum” mean mixing , so Somtum means to mix ingredients with a lead sour taste . Somtum is a main menu of eastern people in Thailand that serve in every family ,because it is easy to do and very delicious food.

    As a top hit Thai dish ,many cooker lovers create Somtum in many type that mix and match papaya with the special ingredients for a modern style. 😉

    Nowadays ,there are a various style as Somtum poo ( salt crab Somtum ) ,Somtum Ponlamai ( fruit Somtum ) , Somtum Talae ( Seafood Somtum ) ,Somtum Kaikem ( salt egg Somtum ) , Somtum Hoydong ( fertilise shell Somtum ) ,Somtum Tua ( longyard bean Somtum ) , Somtum Tang ( cucumber Somtum ) Somtum Klauy ( banana Somtum ) ,Somtum Par ( variuos ingredient Somtum ) , and more .

    Somtam is a Thai classic menu that many countries present Somtum is the one in menu list .

    Have you ever tasted Somtum ? :-)


    Free Concert -The Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2010

    Samui International Jazz Music Festival 2010

    😀 Do you prefer Free Concert as Jazz on the beach ?

    If yes :-), let’s go to Koh Samui ( Samui Island ) ?

    Come back again for The Samui International Jazz Music Festival ,this is the eighth Jazz Music festival on beach at Koh Samui.The Samui International Jazz Music Festival  will held on 24-30 September, 2010 that show on  3 main stages as Fisherman’s village ( Bophut beach )Chaweng beach , and Lamai becah .One week that fulfill for fully Jazz music on a nice beaches ,there will be 11 stages and 42 shows start on 5.00 PM – 12.00 PM from Friday 24th September 2010 to Thursday 30th September 2010 .

    Free concert that meet well-known international artists  as   Peter Beets, Saskia Laroo, Renske Taminiau, Alexander Beets ,Eddie C. ,Eline Gemerts ,Gijs Dijkhuizen ,Jeroen van Vliet ,Marius Beets ,Mete Erker ,Phaedra Kwant,Renske Taminiau, Rolf Delfos,ROOS JONKER ,Susanne Alt,Warren Byrd , and Cyril Directie  include Thai Jazz musician as 8 Maithao ,House Party,Nontri Orchestra Winds ,Insomnia ,Sixty-Nine, jazzyfrank ,Dorothy Band, Big daddy ,Six Nature ,Bun Suwannochin ,Funny Refill ,Roberto,Lumduan Adiko ,Tong Lhor ,Samui Socity Band,and Piggy Gang  .

    YouTube Preview Image

    Concert schedule

    • Friday 24 September: 1 show Opening ceremony Samui International Jazz
    • Saturday 25 September : 8 show at Bophut (Fisherman’s Village)
    • Sunday 26 September: 8 show at chaweng Beach
    • Monday 27 September: 4 show at Lamai Beach
    • Tuesday 28 September : 8 show at Bophut (Fisherman’s Village)
    • Wednesday 29 September : 8 show at chaweng Beach and  Dutch Jazz expedition 1 show
    • Thursday 30 September: 4 show at Lamai Beach

    See Koh Samui Map

    Thanks for : http://www.samuinavigator.com

    and http://issuu.com

    We recommend ,don’t miss this Free Concert – The Samui International Jazz Music 2010 .

    Thanks information : http://www.samuijazzfestival.com

    Koh Samui is the one of  fabulous charm island in Thailand,it is convenience to go to Koh Samui .There are many facility to service travelers as Samui airport ,Samui hotel , Samui guesthouses . There are many sightseeing at Koh  Samui as nice beaches ; Bophut beach, Chaweng beach ,  Choengmon beach ,Maenam beach ,Nathon beach,Taling Ngam beach  include famous temples as Wat Khunaram,Big Buddha Temple. You have to fascinate with Koh Samui.

    Do you know where is Koh Samui? .

    We will talk more for next time. :-)

    Recommend Samui Hotels Promotions !


    Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

    Reclining Buddha Wat Pho Bangkok

    😀 Welcome back again to update our blog .We will invite you to visit Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์) or Phra Chetupon Wimolmangkhalaram temple ( วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลาราม ),the one of sightseeing in bangkok as the old temple, where a place of famous largest reclining Buddha in Bangkok .

    Reclining Buddha

    First time to see the reclining Buddha status at Wat pho make us feel amazing . Not only huge reclining Buddha , but this is a beautiful sculpture. The official name of reclining Buddha at Wat Po is “Phra Buddhasaiyas” ( พระพุทธไสยาสน์ ) that made as part of King Rama III’s restoration Wat pho .This reclining Buddha is the third largest reclining Buddha in Thailand , the largest one is reclining Buddha “Chaksi” at Singburi province and the second largest is reclining Buddha “Khun Intrapramool ” at Angthong province , Phra Buddhasaiyas is firty-six ( 46 ) metres long and fifteen (15 ) metres high that decorate with the impressive gold plating on body .The eyes and feet are engraved with mother-of-pearl,especially the feet show the auspicious characteristics of the true Buddha.

    No words to describe how impressive of this reclining Buddha status .You have to visit here ,if you visit Bangkok .We recommend ,Don’t miss to visit Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha status.

    This is a popular activities of travelers to take some photos at footprint of reclining Buddha.

    Do you take some photos ? Let show us once you visit Wat Pho . 😛

    footprint reclining Buddha  chedi wat po

    Let’s introduce Wat Pho for more information .Wat Pho is the one of sacred place in Bangkok,and Wat Pho is the first university of Thailand where center of art and science in the reign of King Rama III. ,who commissioned the inscription of the country’s knowledge from Buddhist precepts, literary works, traditional medicine and yoga postures, believed to have been developed by hermits, be inscribed in marble around the ceremonial hall and nearby pavilions. The most well-known of Thai massage school and Thai ”hermit” yoga postures, on 1,360 marble plates in the 1830s .

    mural wat pho  marble inscription

    We proud to promote that the historic marble inscriptions in Phra Chetupon Wimolmangkhalaram temple, or Wat Pho, in Bangkok have been registered with Unesco’s Memory of the World (MOW) for Asia and the Pacific region. :-)

    Next time , we will take a tour around Wat Pho for more impressive experience. 😀

    Phuket – Best Asian Maritime Capital 2010


    Welcome tourists who love marine travel to Phuket – Thailand as The Pearl of The Andaman Sea .

    The good news to make us proud to promote that Phuket island voted as the ‘Best Asian Maritime Capital 2010 ‘  during the sixth edition of the Asia Boating Awards. from the world’s leading marine companies in Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show at Hong Kong Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club on 8 May 2010 .

    Phuket is a good and nice maritime location around Phuket island  that attract the travelers ,there are many marine service companies  to service the clients. To dicover the beautiful Anadaman Sea by yacht charter ,the impressive experience that unforgotten moemory in Phuket Island.We recommend to visit the yacht charter phuket as sunnav ,tiger marine chater , Epic-charter , boat charter , and more .

    Have you ever been Phuket ? :-)